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Get it with Gratitude...

You hear all the time you just need to be grateful… or I am so grateful… or gratitude is the key to success…

Have you ever thought deeper into what gratitude really is?

It is derived from, Latin gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’. Now how do you put that into action? Let’s dive deeper into how this will benefit you in relationship. First to really understand, you need to know that you have beliefs and patterns that determine your life. If your brain's job is to keep you safe it creates and assigns meanings to words that reinforce your beliefs. However, if you were really happy and content you would not be reading this. You know there is more, you are ready to take your joy to the next level, attract, keep and grow with your person...and in order to do that you are invited to take a deep breath, as you read on, knowing you got this.

Gratitude in daily practice looks something like this:

Someone you care about says…”You are being LOUD”. If you are not in gratitude you would take it personally, allow it to hurt your feelings, maybe offer a rude comment back, be upset with them and allow a disconnection. If you are practicing gratitude you would pause, take a deep breath and say “ I am so grateful they feel safe enough to share their truth with me and ask yourself, “how can I use what they shared to create stronger love between us?” You could approach them, smile, say thank you for sharing and adjust.

  1. Maybe you were being loud and didn’t realize it and they were trying to help you

  2. Maybe they were just tired and crabby and on another day it wouldn't matter

  3. Maybe they are just mean and love to criticize you

  4. Maybe….doesn’t really matter

What matters is that they are YOUR mirror for you to be called into a moment of clarity to be present to a situation to grow if you choose. By now choosing gratitude, you will feel better, they will feel better and you will connect more fully. Real gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. A willingness to become more emotionally intelligent, gain insight, and improve by focusing on the opportunity to learn in each moment no matter how big or small.

The quicker you accept that you have a choice to learn from every situation around you the happier you will be. The happier you are the more you are a magnet for happy people that in turn leads to happy relationships! It all begins with an attitude of gratitude!! Now dance and sing... I got an attitude, I got an attitude, I got an attitude of gratitude....yay!!!

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