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Speed Dating Hacks

Hi!  We set this page up to answer many of your Speed Dating questions and to give to you some great tips to make your speed dating experience a lot of fun AND success!

(this is not our original content but follows closely how we conduct our event)

Beautiful Women

Speed Dating Explained!

This link has a TON of information!

If you're not going to attend our event...we suggest you attend their event...but they hold their Speed Dating events in England :)

Dating Tips for Men

I'm a guy, I have hosted numerous Speed Dating events and they are a LOT of fun.

At almost every event I have met some really fun people.

AND at every event, we have the HARDEST TIME GETTING MEN TO ATTEND!!  It's crazy.

I have to be honest here, the women are far braver than the men when it comes to coming out.

AND what I have found is that when the men finally do show up, they have a great time and the women really appreciate those men that attend.  

I put this portion together just for you men.  To hopefully take away some of the uncertainty of Speed Dating.

Men in Suits

OK, full disclosure.

I never attended a Speed Dating event until I hosted one.

I thought it would be cheesy and that only people that couldn't get a date would show up.

I was WRONG!

I met some beautiful and successful women.  Women that were fun and interesting and could date about anyone they chose and came to Speed Date just to meet more people.

You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Confetti Storm

 Dating Tips for Women

Let's be women rock these events!

We rarely have any difficulty getting you to attend, thank you for being brave.

I put this section together to help inform and hopefully take away any lingering doubts.

Thank you for being YOU and for being brave!

Great Conversation Starters

We've all been there, stuck in a dull conversation or just not knowing what to say.

Hopefully this section will help you out!

MY biggest tip is to become interested in the other person, truly interested.  Listen to them, pay attention, ask questions, show interest.

If you strive to make your mini-date the best date THEY (your "date") had, you're going to make a great impression!


Bonus Section!

Because we love you and want you to have success and FUN at the Speed Dating Event

we added this link on ways to have great conversations.

This will not only help you at the event, it will help you with your relationship goals in general.

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