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Our homes

We think you'll love what you see!



Almost all of our homes have new, well coordinated interior and exterior paint, and beautifully updated easy to care for landscaping.

We know that you want to make the most of the beautiful Florida weather, and not spend all your valuable time taking care of your home, so we make the exterior not only beautiful but quite easy to maintain.



Just like the exterior is designed for beauty and ease of care, the interior of your home is as well.

You'll find our designs to be calming and peaceful, with quality and attention to detail.



Once you move to're going to have a lot of company!

We design our bedrooms to be inviting and restful.  The same attention to detail and beautiful staging goes into all of our Main and Guest Bedrooms.


You will LOVE our bathrooms!

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is our favorite room to improve!


Our Homes.

We love what we do, we are proud of the design and finish our homes.  

Our goal is to offer beautiful, well-designed homes.

Shown below is some of the features we put into our homes.

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