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Two words that can change your LIFE!

Two words that can change your life.

Just two simple words. Simple words to say but perhaps, not so easy to do.

To “do” these words takes being humble, self-realization, putting the other person first…and maybe admitting you are wrong (or at least you could have done things differently:)

What are the two actions words that can change your life?

Take responsibility

It’s that simple.

At first this may not seem easy, but when you start implementing this action, you will find the results so worthwhile that the act of “taking responsibility” will BECOME simple.

You will actually begin to enjoy it because of how things will change, for the better, for you.

Taking responsibility is one of the fastest and most empowering ways to take control of the direction of your life.

Taking responsibility literally translates into every aspect of your life; from your finances, your health, your social circle, the state of mind you're in, and even the way others treat you.

You and you alone, are responsible for your life.

Does this seem hard to believe? Are you saying “WAIT A MINUTE!! They are the ones who did this, it’s not my fault my car won’t start…SHE/HE snapped at me I didn’t start the fight…

THEY made me late!!” But, but, but… Obviously there are outside forces that you can't control, but with your actions and attitude, you can greatly affect the outcome. For example, someone getting cancer isn't something a person signs up for. They didn't live your life with the end goal of getting ill and dying, but could it have been avoided, or at least postponed, by eating healthier, and more consistent exercise? Perhaps…probably yes.

Your choices and actions, that's it, and knowing that the number one factor that affects your life is YOU.

Here is an example: We all know people who are almost always late. They come in with excuses as to why they, and they alone, are late. Everyone else is on time but THEY are late.

You’ll hear

1. My car wouldn’t start

2. Traffic was HORRIBLE

3. My alarm didn’t go off

4. My children woke up late

5. Excuse. Excuse. Excuse.

And that’s all they are….excuses. DO these things happen and cause us to be late? Of course they do, but not on a consistent basis. And until that person takes responsibility for why they are late…they will always be late.

Because when you blame someone or something else you can NEVER change the outcome!

When you blame external forces for what is “happening” to you, you will never be able to take action to change it.

Why? Because YOU can’t change an external force, YOU can only change what YOU do. The internal force. Want to see how? Take the above example of being late:

1. Car won’t start. Make sure it’s in good repair, do routine maintenance.

2. Traffic was horrible. Start your trip with some lee-way. Plan for a delay.

3. My alarm didn’t go off. Make sure it’s set. (duh)

4. My children woke up late. Begin a program to make sure they wake up on time. (maybe set the example:)

This is a small thing in life, but this example bleeds over into all areas of our life.

Take responsibility, see what YOU can do to change things for yourself.

You get into an argument because your partner snapped at you? Take responsibility perhaps for their snapping (you were not nice to them…be nicer) or take responsibility for your RESPONSE to them. Find out what is behind the snapping. There is something there, be kind, loving and understanding…you’ll get to the bottom of the issue and they will love you for it.

So begin taking more responsibility in your life.

I think you'll be amazed at the positive changes you experience.

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