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StrongerLove has created an evening program for your church, as an outreach ministry opportunity, for singles in your community.


More than ever people are tired of trying to find someone in the online dating and bar scene.  Many have simply given up.

And it's so sad because, as you know, we are designed to be in a relationship. 


We have spoken to hundreds of singles and what we hear again and again is... 


"Where can I go to meet a quality person to date?"


There is a high demand for a place that quality singles can go to meet other like-minded people.  They are looking for a place, a home, where they can feel safe in meeting others. 

Your church can be their new home.


StrongerLove's Speed Dating program is a chance for singles to enjoy a Christ-centered activity that can be the start of a healthy new relationship.



Speed Dating
how our program works!

The purpose of Speed Dating.

How it works!

What you can expect 

What we ask your Church to provide

This sounds AMAZING!

What does a sample program look like?

To help people meet a potential love match in a safe fun environment, with a guided time saving format to increase the success in meeting someone of quality with a similar mindset.

Plan a space for 100 people allow minimum 3hour time slot 5-8pm (can allow more if you want mingling after event)

Here we will explain the benefits StrongerLove's Speed Dating program.

Refreshments and drinks

Enough chairs for registrants (see sample layouts) 

Testimonial space 

Invite Handouts about church

(These are suggestions based on what we have found to work best for a warm, inviting, environment)

What an amazing question, we are so happy you asked!

Below is a sample outline/timeframe of a Speed Dating event:

4:30 pm Stronger Love team arrival (Mics sound check) Tom does time 

5:00 pm Love Coordinator Volunteers

2 registration desk

4 pick up cards runners

2 refreshments attendants 

2 card sorters

1 Videographer/photographer

5:30 registration/meet and mingle

6:00-6:10 Welcome and Explanation 

6:10 Pairing begins (8min to connect and 2min notes & guys switch)

8:00 PM finish

What we have found from our past events is that people have a GREAT time and will want to mingle after the event has ended.

Church Guide for a StrongerLove  Speed Dating Event

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